HSSA opens health sciences research grants to year-round application process


News Release

January 17, 2013


Susan Ashe, HSSA Executive Director

509.483.5985 or 509.995.8356 susanashe@comcast.net

HSSA opens health sciences research grants to year-round application process; funds research in end-stage renal care

SPOKANE, WA — Applicants for health sciences research grants from the Health Sciences & Services Authority (HSSA) of Spokane County may now submit proposals at any time. HSSA’s Board of Directors recently announced a new submission and review process for 2013 and beyond “to increase health sciences research activity and contribute to economic development and job growth in the region,” said Nancy L. Isserlis, City Attorney and HSSA Board Chair.

The following three HSSA research grant competitions are all now open to year-round application submissions:

* HSSA RFP #5 – Invest in human capital to accelerate Spokane’s health sciences research capacity (up to $500,000 per year for two years)

* HSSA RFP #6 – Fund innovative research to expedite commercialization and spur job growth (up to $500,000 over grant period)

* HSSA RFP #7 – Support innovative research that advances Spokane as a national leader in health delivery research (up to $100,000 per year for up to three years)

HSSA will require a pre-proposal letter from the applicant for review and approval prior to submittal of the proposal. Proposal reviews and awards will be made at least quarterly by the HSSA Board of Directors. All grants require matching funds. For more details, visit www.hssaspokane.org.

In other HSSA news, Dr. Kathryn Tuttle, Providence Medical Research Center, and Cynthia Corbett, PhD, WSU College of Nursing, co-Principal Investigator were recently awarded $200,000 from HSSA for “Medical Intervention in Transitional Care to Improve Outcomes in End-Stage Renal Disease” research. The two-year grant was the first under RFP #7 (see above) and should result in “50 percent and up to 90 percent reduction in acute care use,” improve the quality of patient care, and significantly decrease the costs of health care delivery for this disease, according to the proposal. Drs. Tuttle and Corbett previously received funding from the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Disease (NIDDK). The HSSA grant is an extension of this research. The research team is also recipients of other national grants from foundations such as the American Society of Health Systems Pharmacists Foundation, Robert Wood Johnston Foundation, and the federal Agency for Health Care Quality and Research, NIDDK. Its latest grant was among the top six (6) percent in the nation related to medication safety.

HSSA raised $10.7 million through bond financing for health sciences research funding, of which over $2.5 million has been granted. HSSAs were created by the state legislature. Spokane County Commissioners authorized HSSA county-wide to promote bioscience-based economic development to stimulate the regional economy and grow jobs. Its Board consists of nine members, three each appointed by the Governor, Spokane County Commissioners, and the City of Spokane Mayor.

The mission of HSSA is to invest funds to create and support a nationally competitive health sciences research cluster in Spokane County, and to increase access to health care. HSSA works collaboratively with community and state-wide partners to catalyze higher education research and the health sciences industry to lead to higher wage jobs, long-term sustainability and economic diversification. For more information, visit the HSSA website at www.hssaspokane.org, or contact Susan Ashe, Executive Director, at 509.483.5985 or info@hssaspokane.org.


About Our Board:

Nancy Isserlis, City Attorney, City of Spokane, and HSSA Board Chair; Earl F. “Marty” Martin, Ph.D., Executive Vice President, Gonzaga University and HSSA Board Vice Chair; Michael Wilson, Chief Executive, Providence Health Care and Grants Committee Chair; Jason Thackston, Vice President of Energy Delivery, Avista Corp. and Finance Committee Chair; Dr. Jeff Collins, Medical Director, Providence Health Care; Kevin Oldenburg, Ph.D., President, MatriCal Bioscience, Inc.; Gary Pollack, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Health Sciences, Dean and Professor, College of Pharmacy, David J. Vachon, Ph.D., CEO/Founder, Iasis Molecular Sciences, and Francisco R. Velàzquez, M.D., S.M., President & CEO, PAML.