Spokane Startup Weekend TEAM DEMO LIST!


Here are the demo teams and what they are building this weekend at Startup Weekend Spokane 11/2013. Teams are listed in the order that they will be presenting tonight, and demoes start at 4pm sharp! Get ready for some excitement!!

CheckMeds.Info provides information to patients and health care providers about the regulatory compliance record of drug manufacturers. We believe that all people need to be better informed healthcare consumers. All data on CheckMeds.Info is sourced directly from U.S. Government data bases. Our goal is to ensure that patients and providers are informed about the manufacturing safety records of drug manufacturers.

Building tools to help couples strengthen their love and relationship.

Old Street Brewing Co.
A locally owned and operated brewery which will produce and distribute hard cider.

Amplify your event with Tattinerary, a removable tattoo for conferences, athletic events, corporate meetings, retreats, and any other event where you could use a custom, hands-free, temporary tattoo to tout your event brand and provide attendees with an easily accessible schedule or map and QR code.

Fresh Food to You
We are an entrepreneurial team who care about providing fresh, local food to enrich the lifestyle of our community. We hope to improve the health of our customers while also supporting local Farmer’s Market vendors.

Zassion…the zest of sharing your passion. An online platform connecting local people through their common interests and hobbies.

Lost paws
An App that provides the service of finding a lost pet through the spread of word. When a pet is lost the customer has the choice of what social medias are used to send out the animal alert and it also sends a alert to everyone who has this app in the same zip code. Not only are customers given the service to find a lost pet but they also have the opportunity to adopt and showcase their own pet. No need to stress and fear, Lost Paws is here.

SprinklerGnomes is a company that sells customizable Sprinkler Toppers. Anything from your favorite football to team cartoon characters will be available to but on our sprinkler system. SprinklerGnomes design is a movable above ground sprinkler with a moving topper and LED lights.

Having a rough go with your Crowdfunding Project? CrowdFundamental helps your project by providing you the knowledge, tools, and resources to create and maximize the success of your campaign.

A creative platform for independent musicians and artists to support each other.

Charger Now
Cell Phone rental kiosk. Think RedBox for chargers.

Stay organized and keep your style inspired with Dresser App, your closet on your phone.

First ever noise isolation, silicon infused earbud. Revolutionary design enhances sound quality, allowing you to hear what you want, and ignore what your don’t.

– Your favorite organizers!